Magda Gessler recommends
Carpaccio of beetroot with Sheep’s cheese and Sheep’s cheese drizzled with vinegret (200g)
Wild boar pate with horseradish sauce and marinated mushrooms (150 g)
Regional sauerkraut with smoked pork rib (300 ml)
Wild boar stew served with steamed dumplings (450 g)
Carpaccio of beetroot with Sheep’s cheese and Sheep’s cheese drizzled with vinegret (200g)
Herring served with cream souce (150g)
Grilled Sheep’s chees served with cranberry (100 g)
Wild boar pate with horseradish sauce and marinated mushrooms (150 g)
Regional sauerkraut with smoked pork rib (300 ml)
Garlic soup(300 ml)
Brigand’s goulash soup of pork meat (300 ml)
Traditional sour soup with sausage, egg and potato(300 ml)
Main dishes
Wild boar stew served with steamed dumplings (450 g)
Roasted, breaded wild boar chop (100 g)
Brigand’s potato pancakes with pork goulash  (450 g)
Duck with cranberries (250 g)
Grilled beef tenderlain served with patato pancakes (220g)
Grilled pork neck with garlic and cucumber dip (160g)
Breaded pork chop (120 g)
Fresh fried trout – grilled or roasted with garlic butter and lemon (100 g by weight)
Pork hock with sauerkraut (100 g )
Traditional Devolay cutlet
Side dishes
Chips (150 g)
Roasted potato (150 g)
Boiled potato with dill (150 g)
Mixed salads (200 g)
Beetroot salad (150g)
Fried sauerkraut (200 g)
Franch with roasted camembert cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion, pepers, vinegrett sauce (400 g)
Chicken on the green island – grilled chicken, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato, pepper, garlic and yoghurt sauce (400g)
Greek – peking cabbage, cucumber, tomato, paprika colorful, olives, feta cheese, sauce vinegrett (400 g)
For children
Tomato soup  (300 ml)
Fried chicked (150 g)
Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream and toffee souce
Pancakes with cottage cheese and icing sugar
Ice cream with fruits
Traditional chees cake with chocolate souce
Hot beverages
Irish coffee (120 ml)
Frappe coffee (250 ml)
Latte coffee (250 ml)
Cappuccino coffee (200 ml)
Hot chocolate (200 ml)
Filter coffee (100 ml)
Espresso coffee (50 ml)
Steamed coffee (200 ml)
Loyd tea (200 ml)
Cold beverages
Pepsi (200 ml)
Pepsi light (200 ml)
Pepsi max (200 ml)
Mirinda (200 ml)
7up (200 ml)
Schweppes Ginger Alle (200 ml)
Schweppes Bitter Lemon (200 ml)
Schweppes Indian Tonic (200 ml)
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon (200 ml)
Lipton Ice Tea Peach (200 ml)
Lipton Ice Tea Green (200 ml)
Górska Sparkling Water (300 ml)
Górska Natura Water (300 ml)
Rockstar (200 ml)
Toma tomato juice (200 ml)
Toma orange juice (200 ml)
Toma apple juice (200 ml)
Toma grapefruit juice (200 ml)
Dumplings Hut
 Polish dumplings stuffed with cheese, onion and patatoes 9 pcs
 Polish dumplings stuffed with meat pork scratching 9 pcs
 Dumplings with wild game 9 pcs


 Dziki Sad 0,4l
 Heineken 0,5l
 Desperados 0,4l
 Żywiec White 0,5l
 Żywiec APA 0,5l
 Żywiec Saison 0,5l
 Żywiec Porter 0,5l
 Żywiec 0,5l
 EB 0,5l
 Warka Strong 0,5l
 Warka Radler 0,5l
 Warka 0,5l
 Brackie 0,5l
 Żywiec 0,5l 0% non alcoholic beer
 Warka Radler 0%
 Żywiec 0,5l
Żywiec 0,Wermut
Martini Bianco (80 ml)
Martini Extra Dry (80 ml)
Martini Rosato (80 ml)
Wyborowa (40 ml)
Smirnoff (40 ml)
Bols (40 ml)
Żubrówka (40 ml)
Wiśniówka (40 ml)
Żołądkowa (40 ml)
Śliwowica (40 ml)
Finlandia (40 ml)
Finlandia Cranberry (40 ml)
Chivas Regal (40 ml)
Johny Walker Black Label (40 ml)
Jack Daniel’s (40 ml)
Johny Walker Red Label (40 ml)
Ballantine’s Finest (40 ml)
Martell VS (40 ml)
Hennesyy VS (40 ml)
Metaxa***** (40 ml)
Stock 89 (40 ml)
Gordon’s (40 ml)
Lubuski (40 ml)
Sauza silver (40 ml)
Camino gold (40 ml)
Bacardi Superior (40 ml)
Bacardi Black (40 ml)
Malibu (40 ml)
Golden (40 ml)
Conintreau (40 ml)
Baileys (40 ml)
Campari (40 ml)
Passoa (40 ml)
Blue Curacao (40 ml)
Kahlua (40 ml)
Alcoholic drink
Mojito – rum 40 ml, brown sugar, lime, mint (200 ml)
Tequila Sunrise – tequila 40 ml, orange juice, grenandine (200 ml)
Kamikadze – vodka 40 ml, blue curacao, sprite, lemon juice (200 ml)
Turysta – malibu 40 ml, milk, additions (200 ml)
Cuba Libre – white rum 40 ml, pepsi-cola, lime (200 ml)
Babia Góra – vodka 40 ml, peach and raspberry liquier (200 ml)
Tatanka – tatanka vodka 40 ml, apple juice, additions (200 ml)
Zbryk – vodka 40 ml, orange juice, additions (200 ml)
Rombanica – vodka 40 ml, tomato juice, peper, salt (200 ml)
Wściekły Pies – vodka 40 ml, raspberry sirup, tabasco (40 ml)
Herbata góralska – vodka 40 ml, tea (200 ml)

Information about allergens in the food service grants.