Current events

Integration events for firms are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is so because of a growing consciousness of the employers that a well-integrated team works much more effectively and is a real asset for an employer. A strong and stress resistant team of workers is fundamental for any company. Creating bonds within a company is not only the training for workers. The purpose of the activities is to create a harmonious and efficient team which knows how to cooperate and complement one another.

We organize events in the Zawoja region in Babiogórskie and Jałowieckie range. Our speciality without doubt is skiing: we organize training camps and skiing competitions both extreme and sport style.

he events we organize are of the highest quality which is testified by numerous letters of references from the local authorities, forest administration and Babia Góra National Park. We also have wide forest grounds placed in the upper parts of mountains. That’s where we can organize paintball games and quads rides.

Some of the events which we have served: