Tatra Mountains – Slovakia
Zawoja – Rabka Zdrój – Chyżne – Demianowskie Caves (Caves of Freedom) – Szczyrbskie Lake – Tatrzańska Łomnica – Łysa Polana – Rabka Zdrój – Zawoja . A trip around the Tatra Mountains. Pictoresque views and unforgettable memories from the caves. A visit to the highest mountain lake in the Tatras.

Thermal springs
A visit to thermal pools either the Polish or the Slovakian ones renowned for their beneficial influence on our health and wellbeing. Relaxing time in the swimming pools will restore your vitality and make you ready to go back to work full of energy!

Pieniny Mountains
The programme includes a visit to an ancient wooden church in Dębno listed by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage, a visit to Niedzica castle, a walk across Czorsztyn Dam with a great panoramic view of the Reservoir and the highlight of the trip: rafting down Dunajec River Gorge – with experienced rafters who are also the best raconteurs of that kind. The trip finishes with a cable car ride up to the top of Palenica.

One doesn’t need many words. The capital of the Tatras is enough for the recommendation. On the way to Zakopane you’ll visit Chochołów a relic village in local style. In Zakopane we’ll see a church in Krzeptówki, a church and a cemetery in Pęksowy Brzysk where many famous Poles are buried. We’ll take a cable car up Gubałówka top, a walk along famous street of Krupówki. And on the way back we’ll drive you near the ski jump Wielka Krokiew, why shouldn’t we…?

Bandit trail – Slovakia
We’ll follow the footsteps of the most famous outlaw. We’ll visit Oravski Podzamok castle the place where he used to rob. Then we’ll go to Terchova – his home village – there we’ll visit his museum, Slovakian Bethlehem. We’ll take a cable car in the Krywań Mountain region and then we’ll know where Janosik came from!

Beer museum in Żywiec
Visiting Zywiec Brewery and The Museum of Brewing Industry comes together with beer tasting. It is here we can learn about history of brewing in Poland. It’s an interactive exhibition where you can touch everything, every exhibit is within your reach. During your visit there is a short break for a game of bowling and some fun in a maze. A prize is waiting for everybody at the end: cold beer freshly brewed for adults and some juice for children; a souvenir beer mug for everyone.

Wadowice – the Papal City
It all started here… We’ll visit the Pope’s House turned into his museum, his beloved Wadowice Basilica, we then go to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, where we visit the Sanctuary and learn the history of the monastery. We’ll also go the famous outdoor way of the Cross. After such spiritual input only some thoughtful moments of reverie on the way back to Zawoja.

Inwałd Park of Miniatures
A great fun for everyone – not only children enjoy visiting the Park with a guide – the most famous buildings in the world in their miniature versions. Take a ride either on an Auto-scooter or a Pirate, or a Ferries Wheel. On the way back a visit to the Pope’s town of Wadowice, visiting his family house of John Paul II and Wadowice Basilica.

Please note! The trip are organized when at least 15 people are willing to go.

The Waterfall
Waterfall 8 meters-high waterfall on Mosorny Brook is one of the highest waterfalls in Beskidy Mountains. The Waterfall through Błędna (4-5 hours)

The Pope’s trail
The Pope’s trail to Hala Krupowa mountain shelter and Polica peak.

The Papal trail
Babia Góra summit – 1725m a.s.l. through Czatoża and Cyl (8 hours)

The summit of Babia Góra
Slovakia through the summit of Babia Góra – the return through Jałowiecka pass (all-day trip)

The Open-Air Museum
J. Żak open-air museum in Zawoja Markowa has been set and run by a local branch of PTTK (The Polish Tourist Society). The museum presents traditional style in architecture of the local highlanders. There are three one-building homesteads dating back from 1900, 1910 and 1802-1815, a smithy, a granary and a chapel. Ethnographic exhibition is housed in the oldest building. Until it was moved in 1987 the house was used as a family home without a chimney; it’s a typical example of the local style in architecture from the early 19c. The building from 1900 holds an exhibition on the history of local tourism, while the renovated house from 1910 serves as a guest house and a conference hall. The open-air museum as well as the wooden parish St. Clemens church for Zawoja are included in the Wooden Architecture Trail which runs through several districts: Silesian, Małopolskie, Podkarpackie.

Babiogórski National Park Education Centre
Educational Centre of The Babia Góra National Park is situated in Zawoja Barankowa. Together with the headquarter of the National Park it is housed in a stylish wooden building. There are various exhibitions – a nature and ethnographic ones, an alpine garden of local plants. These expositions in a modern way present issues connected with unique ecosystem of Babia Góra problems of ecology and also culture of the local community. The classes organized by the Centre involving all participants presents all those problems in a general context of coexistence of man and the nature. The National Park has marked out several interesting foot-paths complementing a dense network of tourist routs of PTTK. Info.: The Headquarters of The Babia Góra National Park, Zawoja, Barańcowa, tel./fax. (033) 77-51-10