The history of the inn dates back to July 1 1998. It was then that the Budzowski family set up a small restaurant serving regional home-made food. The restaurant was successful right from the start. The owner decided to build a real regional inn. Construction work began in 2003 and finished in the autumn of 2004.

The majority of meals served at “Styrnol” come from the traditional local cuisine. Some of dishes incorporate dairy products produced in Zawoja and its surrounds. In the past the many of the local people had farms including sheep and goat farms. The farms made dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter.

The cultivation of land provided oats, potatoes, cabbage, beans and broad beans. The forest provided berries, wild mushrooms, and fish from the mountain streams. The everyday food consisted of simple meals made of oats flour, potatoes and cabbage. Shepherds working in the meadows from May to September ate mostly different kinds of cheese and drank a drink called “żentyca” (made from butter and milk).

Meat was only holiday treat. In the past bandits fared the best and were the richest people. In this area they were called “Brigands” – members of local bands that robbed the rich and helped the poor. Their favourite meat was lamb. Lamb was considered a local speciality. The Brigands also enjoyed traditional alcoholic beverages.

The “Styrnol” menu offers you a wide range of meals. You can savour delicious wild mushrooms, sauerkraut soup, bread with lard or potato pancakes with beef goulash. You can also try traditional Polish soup called “żurek” (sour soup), the famous cheese “oscypek” (regional sheep’s cheese) and outstanding fresh fish from the mountains streams and other amazing dishes

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