Babia Góra Mountain

Babia Góra

       Welcome! The grand silhouette of Babia Góra majestically stands out when you look at the mountains of the region. Its peak has been climbed for at lest 500 years. Yet only in the 18c it was discovered both by tourists and scientists. It is call Babia Góra (Mountain of a Woman) Mons vetula in Latin, Wielka Magura or the Queen of the Beskids and The Mother of bad weather.

The Styrnol Inn is located on the main road in Zawoja – the longest village in Poland. The village sits at the foot of the highest peak of the Beskidy Mountains, Babia Góra. (1725 metres above sea level). It is an interesting and historical location. The hamlet where the inn was built, is called Podryżowana. This area was an important part of the village. Last century, it was significant as a source of income for people living in the area. This was due to work as tree-fellers in the surrounding forests.

Despite many years of research Babia Góra has never been fully studied due to ‘many inconveniences of the terrain’ Tourism though has flourished in the 20c: in the 1920s the peak was visited by about 10 thousand tourist and in the 1970s by over 200 thousand! Babia Góra Mountain is famous for its magnificent views, many unique species of animals and plants protected by Babiogórski National Park (BNP) and the fabulous sunrises and sunsets.

However the weather can change rapidly and within half an hour a glorious day can turn into a violent thunderstorm. This could be particularly difficult for inexperienced trekkers who might not find it easy to find or to follow the marked routs in the fog or rain. So one must be careful as Babia Góra has many times showed her nasty nature.

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