Wedding menu TWO DAYS

Wedding menu – TWO DAYS

Price: 370zł/PERSON

First Day

You can choose one of the seven offered menu

Second day of the wedding “poprawiny”

sour soup

Pork chops, mashed potatoes with dill, fried cabbage

Hot drinks
served according to wishes of guests

(no limit)


instant coffee

Coffee boiled

Cold plate in the form of buffet

 A dish of hot choice

Stew, tripe, Barberry, Beetroot soup with croquette

Additionally, we offer:

Roulades ham with horseradish

Eggs stuffed with avocado

Roses with salmon and caviar

Meat mix

Fried spinach

Mozzarella with tomatoes

Smoked fish sandwiches

Asparagus with ham

Ham in puff pastry

Pâté with tartar sauce

Herring in oil

Herring with pepper

Herring with cream



Soup with chanterelles

Cream of green pea soup with croutons

Bavarian soup with noodles

Beetroot soup with dumplings

Cream of tomato soup with cream

Cream of broccoli with puff pastry croutons

In our wedding offer we provide live music bands, presents for the guests, home-baked cakes, accommodation for the bride and groom and the wedding guests, brand alcohols in low prices, additional attractions during the wedding e.g. story-telling, sleigh ride in winter, light carriage ride in summer, fireworks show, Swedish buffet ‘a trough of goodies’, a stuffed roast pig, roast lamb.